Course information 2023-2024


On this page you will find practical information about the Digital Curriculum course that runs from August 2023 to April 2024.

Changes from earlier iterations

This iteration of the Digital Curriculum course focuses on curriculum analysis and development, and will therefore allocate resources to this purpose, rather than supporting pilot projects in individual courses. The participants should therefore ideally, in some respects, be groups of educators, representing their programmes. 

Through workshops and by utilising the technological framework developed by CHC, the course seeks to give the programmes and their representatives an approach to mapping the relevant subject specific digital competences and formulating a plan for implementing these in the curricula. 

Project Timeline

Below, you will find an outline of the project course and descriptions of the possible activities. It should be noted that the project team expects to tailor the course schedule and composition to the individual participating programmes, as practicalities will make it difficult to facilitate common workshops on specific dates, and the timeline is thus expected to shift as the individual needs are uncovered. 

Preparation and introduction to the project

When: Self-paced, from project start till Workshop 1
Where: Locally

As a preparation to participating in the Digital Curriculum project, the participants are given introductory material and questions for reflection, that should prepare them for the first workshop of the course.  

Workshop 1: Analysis of subject specific digital competences

When: Following the introduction, August/September 2023
Where: The workshop is facilitated by the project support team, and is held locally or at CED in Aarhus 

The first workshop focuses on identifying which digital competences are present, which are relevant/irrelevant, and which are missing in the curricula. The workshop also introduces a model and a framework for identifying and describing digital competences. 

Workshop 2: Development of a plan for a digital curriculum

When: Following workshop 1, before December 2023 

Where: The workshop is facilitated by the project support team, and is held locally or at CED in Aarhus 

The second workshop seeks to build on the experiences gained from Workshop 1, and the focus is now on identifying where the relevant digital competences can be applied and how in the specific programme. By analysing current curricula and applying relevant curriculum models, the participants should be able to identify what will be needed to implement any changes with regards to implementing relevant digital competences. 

Formulating a curriculum development-plan

When: Following Workshop 2, with a first draft in December 2023, and a final deliverable in April 2024. 

Where: Locally, with possible sparring from the support team 

As a product of Workshop 2, the participants should now be able to discuss opportunities and challenges in developing their curricula to include more digital competences with their local colleagues. As a product of these local meetings, a deliverable, that outlines the analysis made and what needs to be initiated, should be handed in. 

Further plan development

When: January to April 

Where: Locally 

After formulating an initial plan, the participants must now continue the developmental work with their colleagues and programme management. This would be an opportune time to further develop the plan and initiatives by sparring internally with colleagues but also with technical and pedagogical support people from the project team. 

This should result in a final deliverable in April, that constitutes a plan for future development of the curriculum. 

Closing seminar for current course

When: April 2024 

Where: Online 

The current course is concluded with an online closing seminar, where there will be an opportunity to share experiences and discuss emergent challenges and opportunities. 

Closing conference for the Digital Curriculum 2020-2024

When: October 3rd, 2024 

Where: At Aarhus University 

As the overall Digital Curriculum project comes to a close, all participants of current and former course iterations of the project are invited to a conference, that focuses on subject specific digital competences in both teaching and research. This conference is co-hosted by the Digital Curriculum project and the Digital Literacy project, and will have speakers from both projects sharing experiences, findings, and plans for the future. Further information will be provided at a later date.