What is Digital Curriculum?

The project Digital Curriculum aims to accelerate and support the development of digital knowledge, digital methods and digital competencies required in the disciplines of higher education. In short: What should we teach students about digital foundations and possibilities in our disciplines? The project is based on a partnership between five Danish universities, supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and IT Vest. Furthermore, the project is organised by Aarhus University.

Why Digital Curriculum? 

Today, digital competencies undoubtedly constitute one of the most important generic skills that candidates from the humanities and social sciences must possess when entering the labour marked as they graduate. Digitalisation creates an increasing demand for understanding the logics of digital ways of working and for translaters of specialist knowledge. However, it is crucial that the acquisition of digital competencies not only takes place by adding to the academic skills of the graduates but also is integrated into the acquisition of the respective disciplines. 

Project aims

Discuss the future of your discipline 

Start discussions within the academic environments: Where is our discipline and teaching headed towards regarding digitalisation?  

Upgrade digital skills 

Upgrading the digital skills of entire teaching staffs across the faculties of social sciences and humanities in Denmark.

Try out new approaches in teaching 

Encourage and support experiments on how to teach digital elements in specific courses - both technically and pedagogically.

Qualify a Digital Curriculum 

To qualify the development of a Digital Curriculum by sharing experiences on how to implement digital elements in teaching and education.