Video resource 

Below, six short videos will introduce you to the key course topics that you may need in order to develop and implement digital elements into your teaching. Ranging from an understanding of the changing labour market and the new demands for basic understandings and skills within statistics and text analysis, to introductions of agent-based modelling and machine learning, the videos are highly accessible and can be applied in class and as one of the first steps towards more specialised and field-specific activities.  

Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Education

By Ross Deans Kristensen-McLachian

This video will help you understand the key concepts of machine learning with suggestions to how machine learning can be used in teaching.

Introduction to Relationships in data (statistics)

By Janet Rafner

This video introduces you to the basic concepts of statistics, including terms for critical evaluation of data.



Introduction to Work in the digital age

By Andrea Carugati

In this video you will discover the many ways digitisation is changing the way we work and how teaching can prepare students for that

Introduction to telling stories with data

By Janet Rafner

In this video you are introduced to how data can become interesting through visualization and learn about the most used charts.



Introduction to text analysis

By Lene Offersgaard

In this video you will become familiar with the fundamentals of digital text analysis and get started with the web-based Voyant tool.

Introduction to Agent-based modelling in education

By Arthur Hjorth

In this video you can discover how agent-based modelling can be used in the classroom.